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About The Club

Bathgate Snooker Centre boasts four world championship star snooker tables. We also have the Riley Aristocrat Match Table to add to our facilities.

All tables have steel block cushions and are covered with the highest quality cloth and under table heating.

All our tables are ironed every day, and all tables are fitted with professional standard tournament lighting. We have a full range of equipment available for every table, and we only use professional standard Aramith 1G Tournament Champion snooker balls.

All tables have Real Time Score fully computerised scoring system, adding a professional feel to your game.

The Bathgate Snooker Centre has a modern sporting approach — the venue is alcohol-free, professional, personable and of the highest quality and standards for snooker training facilities, which allows every snooker player to improve their techniques.

Snooker Rates

Pay as You Go Membership is £8.00 per hour per table.

Membership is free. Once we have recorded your details on our system. You are free to book a table anytime between 10am and 10pm 7 days a week.

Monthly Club League Tournament


  • Entry fee £10
  • Maximum 64 players
  • Maximum 8 leagues
  • 8 players per league
  • Each player has 7 matches per month
  • Best of 5 frames
  • Table hire £8 per hour per match


  • Winner £40
  • Runner up £20
  • 3rd place £10
  • 4th place £10
Become a Member Pay As You Go Membership

£8 per hour table rate

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