The Complete Scoring & Tournament System for Snooker

Score your matches with Real Time Snooker, the most complete snooker scoring software out there. With professional design and functionality, RTS will replace old traditional scoreboards and bring your game into the 21st Century. RTS will not only enhance the experience for players but also for referees, tournament officials and of course the spectators at any snooker event. Using either a zapper remote custom made for the system or indeed the computer's keyboard, update the scores and status of your matches in real time.

RTS has lots of features such as:

  • Frame Clock
  • Match Event Timeline (to help keep mistakes to a minimum)
  • Ball Count (to show what balls are remaining on the table)
  • Simple Controls (13-button functionality)
  • Foul & Free Ball Options
  • No Limit Undo Function (for mistakes to be corrected)
  • Menus for advanced options (re-racks, docking frames, player conceding match etc.)
  • Match Status Options (recording mid-session intervals, unscheduled breaks etc.)
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Also for tournaments and events use our second installment of Real Time Snooker's system, Table Multi-Score Server software. At an event with multiple matches and scoreboards in progress, connect them all to the Multi-Score software to view all the matches at once and receive instant updates of scores so spectators, awaiting players and officials can see how the games are progressing. This software will also come complete with Tight VNC Viewer in case you want to place more than one of these screens around the venue.

  • All in One PC Format (15" to 24")
  • Zapper Remote Control
  • Intelligent Software (Rules Compliant)
  • Single match or connects to Multi-Scoreboard
  • Displays all live scores around the venue

Book The Circle for your Tournament and Play like Professionals

Using the 2 match tables in the Circle along with the Scoring system we can set up Regular League, Round Robin or Knock Out tournament formats using our professional draw sheets, fully qualified referees can also be organised for the day (extra charge)

  • Maximum 5 players per day for one table
  • Maximum 10 players per day for two tables
  • 10am – 10pm playing time
  • Live streaming on main table
  • £75 per Table per day
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